We are always chasing fashion trend like most people do. Hoping to make ourselves more attractive and outstanding, but results in the same as others, finally lost yourself and confidence.

Fashion will pass, while personality lasts forever. You are unique. How to better show your characters is the most important to make people remember you .

Ladye is committed to providing personalized and customized Jewelry and beauty products for girls and women mainly from 15-45 years old. We respect individuals and design products based on people’s personality characteristics to better reveal their temperament and make them more confident and attractive.

Ladye currently has an expert team of 30 designers from worldwide. With exquisite craftwork and unique LPT (Ladye 360 Degree High Polishing Technology), Ladye quality is as great as other well-known brands in Europe and America. While every one can afford it.

By adhering to innovation and personalization, Ladye is very popular in Europe, America, Southeast Asia and other countries and highly recognized by girls and women.


Our Mission: Let every lady become the focus in people's eyes.

Slogan: Charming As You Are!


Want to find a better self?

Come to Ladye and you will find something suits you most.